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A lof of tourists usually go straight on to the popular Bali.

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Indonesian girls go there with friends and the staff that’s working there are often bored.The main religion is Islam and you’ll see a lot of Indonesian girls wearing the head scarf.Don’t be concerned by this; often Indonesian girls are much more liberal than they look with that scarf. If you approach them during the day, they will not expect it and may react cold, distant or weird.If they accept it, just say it was nice meeting them and go on your way.They will have time to process the fact you approached them and can decide to write you a message and you can take it from there.Indonesian girls definitely match to and often surpass other of their South East Asian sisters, such as Thai girls or Cambodian girls (et alii). This is because the country is still very much in development. If you’re on a budget look to stay around Blok M shopping mall. However, it’s also known as Jakarta’s red light district so for some Jakarta girls it has a negative overtone to it.

Jakarta can come across as a dirty and crowded city. Even though it’s only one street (Palatehan road with a few bars where you can play hooker snooker, e.g. Jakarta’s backpacker’s area is called Jalan Jaksa and is situated in Central Jakarta.

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It takes only 2 minutes to sign up and you’ll be able to see the Indonesian girls that are members. THC: I think that’s not far from me, I’m living in Gelora area…

It’s an easy language to learn; almost without any grammar!

🙂 Some mall that I visited myself are: Besides excellent day game locations, shopping malls are also great locations to invite Indonesian girls for a date.

There are always plenty of coffee shops and little snack bars around.