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Rainie yang dating

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But Ronghao, who is performing this Saturday at the Max Pavilion at the Singapore Expo, was chirpy and relaxed.It seems like nothing gets to him, not even when fellow singers like Yoga Lin tease him for his sleepy-looking eyes.

His counseling interests include virtual reality cue reactivity, in vivo exposure and desensitization, mindfulness-based relapse prevention, critical psychology, cognitive processing and behavioral interventions. D., Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii, served as Founding Director of the Community and Cultural Psychology Graduate Program and as President of the Society for Community Research and Action.But it only made us curious journos, well, curious-er.For the record, Ronghao dutifully says that he’ll get married “when the time comes”, sounding like a bored single cousin at a CNY family gathering. The use of online resources to reduce the attrition of program participants in longitudinal studies is examined.Higher-risk individuals, those involved in illegal activities, and females with last name changes are typically more difficult to locate.Our interview slot was pushed back twice before we hear his lilting accent (the singer-songwriter hails from Anhui, China) float over the phone.

We expect the singer, who's been dubbed the new King of Mandopop, to sound tired, cranky even.

The pair broke up after a year and are not on speaking terms since then.

It is rumoured that that Hui-zhen forbids her daughter from visiting Xing Feng, to which the actress angrily refuted yesterday, “I swear with my life that I’ve never stopped my daughter from meeting her birth father” The 50-year-old claimed that she asked An-jie to visit her father but the latter refused to do so, revealing that Xing Feng has not asked about their daughter over the years.

But when an intrepid journo decides to probe further, asking if the couple has nicknames for each other, the cool cucumber’s boyish voice suddenly turns serious.

“We’re just talking about my concert today, not my relationship! But in the end, he relents: “No lah, we just address each other normally." 8 DAYS: You’re performing in Singapore for the first time.

Li Ronghao’s An Ideal World Tour Concert, May 13, 7pm, The Max Pavilion @ Singapore Expo. Scrambled Egg Toast Stack ($6.50) from Tai Cheong Bakery's first overseas cafe in Holland V.